O&O Software Keygen 1.23


  • Date: 2024-03-27
  • Version: 1.23
  • Type: Keygen
  • File: Keygen.exe
  • SHA256: B8B44F01384AC590ECE5ECB73EC4A0E02B7E402BB1A38EB3AFF82FFF1294992C
  • Updated support for BlueCon 21.x
Password: RDX2024


  1. As usual, thanks again! You rock!
    I have heard that no one has been successful in getting this to work.
    While the keygen seems to work, the media creation fails causing the lockup of systems when booting from the USB.
    Perhaps a more current build needs to be released.
    Or maybe the serial is being blacklisted upon install and needs a crack?
    If anyone had success, please post your procedure.

    1. Hi. Unfortunately I can't do tests with BlueCon due to time restrictions, I just keep it on the list of compatible products out of habit. It's likely that some crack will have to be made for the bootable media, but for now I will leave that for someone else who is interested and has time to investigate further.


    2. It appears that they changed up the product scheme with this release minimizing the versions. Looks like all versions include DiskImage.
      The available versions are:
      O&O BlueCon 21
      O&O BlueCon 21 Admin Edition
      O&O BlueCon 21 Enterprise Edition
      O&O BlueCon 21 Enterprise Tech-Edition

      For Bluecon 20 they had:
      O&O BlueCon 20 Admin Edition/Plus
      O&O BlueCon 20 Tech Edition/Plus

      Not sure if that is an issue going forward.


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