Antivirus & False Positives

Some antivirus can detect my releases as a threat and try to remove them. The reason for this is because my releases are packed/protected in order to reduce its size and avoid alterations to the code. This protection can be erroneously identified as a threat, it is what is commonly known as a FALSE POSITIVE. Just ignore it, it's safe to use.

IMPORTANT: there will be no risk when using my releases as long as you have downloaded it from the links posted on my site or from the "Check for Updates" option in some of my fixes. If you have downloaded one of my releases from another site, I CANNOT GUARANTEE ITS INTEGRITY. In such case, I will not take responsability for eventual problems that arise when using it. Be careful!

As a precaution, always check the release hashes.

Having explained the above, please don't post commentaries with complains about antivirus detections or I will remove them immediately without replying.

Thanks again and enjoy!