BurnAware Patch 1.13 (Premium/Pro x86/x64)


  • Date: 2024-06-27
  • Version: 1.13
  • Type: Patch
  • File: Patch.exe
  • SHA256: EB8A69099B50C32BCECED12A1A0E546C82BF4BEB5E7F630D847C9EE6182EA62E
  • Release for BA 17.9: Fixed new random integrity checks.
Password: RDX2024

IMPORTANT: Since the developer always adds/changes license/integrity checks to the app after I release this patch and then he updates the installers in his website silently, please ALWAYS use the provided installers in the link at the top of this post, to ensure that the patch works correctly.


  1. [ 2024-06-27 IMPORTANT NOTE ]: It seems that this version (17.9) as a bug in the ISO extraction module. Sometimes it will open a ISO file correctly, but other times it fails to parse the content of the file and shows nothing.

    This is not related to some missing check, since it happens in the trial version too (no patched). You can check it by yourself opening a ISO files many times. It will fail at some point. It seems related to the "Improved ISO image unpacking and data extraction." detailed in the changelog.

    Keep in mind this problem, because most likely that the dev will release a fixed version soon.



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